Carver C7 Upgrade Kit

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Carver C7 Upgrade Kit

Starting in 2009 we upgraded our Bottom Thrust Bearing Washers from standard thickness to double thickness. These heavy-duty Washers are much more durable than the standard thickness Washers, but in order to fit them into the C7 we had to make more room on the Arm Bearing Plate for them. So if you have a pre-2009 C7 and you need to replace your Thrust Bearings for any reason, whether because you have a cracked Washer or a rusty or worn out Thrust Bearing Set, this Kit will provide you with all the parts you need to rebuild your C7 with the latest improvements, including our newest Link, made with Grade 8 steel with extra side ribs at the bend for extra strength.

C7 Upgrade Kit inkluderar:

1 x C7 Arm with Kingpin, Bronze lager och Pivot Cup inpressad.
1 x C7 Link
2 x 3/8″ ID x 15/16″ OD Top Thrust Lager
2 x 3/8″ ID x 15/16″ OD Top Thrust Brickor
1 x 3/8″ ID x 7/8″ OD Top Bricka
1 x 7/8″ ID x 1 3/8″ OD Bottom Thrust Lager
2 x 7/8″ ID x 1 3/8″ OD Bottom Thrust Brickor
1 x 3/8-24 TPI x 1 ½” Long Pivot Bult
1 x 3/8-24 TPI Nylock Mutter

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